Case Studies

Council for Disabled Children

Mission: The umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers.

Challenge: Rapid development of eLearning solution and online courses

When setting up a learning platform for the first time, the team at CDC found that their usual web development company were not familiar with the wide range of approaches to eLearning and couldn’t support the project going forwards.

CDC contacted CLS and were immediately given a demonstration of what eLearning can do, and a fully featured Learning Management System (LMS) was set up as a demo. This was subsequently branded to complement the client’s main website.

Content Development

CDC also required bespoke eLearning content created from scratch and to a rigorous standard. This was to support the roll out of a government initiative that the CDC had been commissioned to deliver. The main challenge was that the deadline for delivery of the content packages was less than six weeks, and there was no robust plan in place to achieve delivery of the content. CLS identified that one of the ways to meet the deadline would be to add more authors to the process, but this in itself would not provide CDC with the internal skills necessary to continue to develop and amend the content under their own steam. The solution was to use the Composica authoring tool, and set up four accounts so that a team approach could be used, reducing development time and maximising resources able to create the content. Additionally, CLS provided training for staff from the CDC so that they could be part of the authoring team and build the skills necessary to build excellent eLearning content.

Normally, this would be enough, but the deadline approaching was so close as to make it nearly impossible to achieve. To support the CDC staff, CLS placed a member of their team in the offices of CDC so that they could not only work on the project, but provide essential support and ad-hoc training to the team, meaning that the initial sessions were able to be put to good use and misconceptions corrected over time.

The Result and Impact

CLS provided two team members to the project, set up a LMS and helped train a client team in authoring skills, and completed the work on time and within budget, ahead of schedule. Using the client’s own staff was a stroke of genius that typifies how CLS work, finding innovative solutions to problems and building capacity within organisations to enable them to be self-sufficient. The project web site was officially launched and over 500 users logged in and undertook the training within the fist two days. The system continues to provide training and specialist support, and CLS now work as consultants to the organisation meaning there is no ongoing budgetary requirement for any authoring changes, and the client is able to manage their own content in their own time frames.

  • We are now enthusiastically promoting e-learning across the authority. The big challenge for us now is continuing to embed elearning into our everyday development practices and to make it a way of life here.Organisation Development Advisor, Luton Borough Council
  • We gave out the login details to the users, they logged in, nobody had any questions! No training required! Brilliant!
    IT Advisor, Waltham Holy Cross Junior School
  • I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the OISC for all of your hard work and efforts in launching the new CPD site. I think that the results speak for themselves as we have already started to see advisers logging on. I look forward to working with you again in the future.Team Manager, Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner


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